Hurstleigh charitable trust

Hurstleigh is a non profit making charitable trust that provides homes for the aged. The charges residents pay are set to cover the costs and maintenance. Our full name is:

Chorleywood and District Homes for the Elderly

Registered Charity Number 247935. 

Hurstleigh is managed by trustees and a management committee of local residents, who give their time and expertise to provide a secure home for retired people.

Our history

The charitable trust was established in 1966 by Chorleywood residents who recognised that with property prices rising it is difficult for people to retire and live in the area near family and friends.

Great effort was made to raise funds to buy the original house and local people worked in their spare time to renovate it.  When the house opened there were only six residents and soon more space was needed.  The village raised more money for the extensions to the house to increase capacity to 20 apartments.

Today, the flats are continually updated and redecorated as they change hands. Recent work has also been done on landscaping the gardens, renovating the car park, building a new front wall, renovating a large section of the roof, and installing a new lift. So the work continues, but it is little compared to the initial efforts of the founders and the local community in establishing Hurstleigh.


The entrance Stones

The two large stones at the entrance to Hurstleigh have their own history. They were found on an old medieval footpath that used to run along the bottom of the garden and moved to the entrance with a great deal of effort.


They are believed to be Sarsen stones, which may have been used as boundary stones between the Saxon kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia, or possibly between the early counties of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.